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Golf and Finding your Purpose

            One of the immortal moments of golf came in the 1800’s when a Scottish man had the opportunity to introduce Ulysses S. Grant, then the President of the United States, to this new game called golf.  He nervously teed-up the ball and took a hard swing.  Missing the ball altogether, he hit the dirt and mud went everywhere – all over the President’s coat, hair and beard.  He apologized profusely as they tried to clean-up the President.  The man was really nervous then.  He swung and missed the ball again.  Then swung and missed it again – six times he swung and missed the ball completely.  Finally the President stepped in and said, “This is a fascinating game.  I see that there is a lot of exercise involved, but I have yet to discover the purpose of the ball.”

            When I heard that story, I thought “That describes a lot of people’s lives.  A lot of people are out there swinging away with their energy, but some are not quite sure of the purpose of the ball.  They haven’t figured out what life is all about.

            On the other hand, image having the confident assurance that you are not spending your life on things that the Lord calls eternally meaningless and without purpose.  Like a sponge pulled out of the water is saturated with fluid, the moment we dedicate our lives to Him we become saturated with a meaning, purpose and significance only He can provide.  Do you feel you are dry and without meaning?  Plunge your life into the purposes and plans of the Lord, then you will find your life infused and saturated with eternal significance. 

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