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The 5th Anniversary Celebration of our church was exciting! I am still moved and think almost every day about the wonderful testimonies our church shared about how Life Church has touched their lives.

If you would like to see the 5 years of Life Church Highlight Video (4 minutes) click below:

Here are some of those testimonies:

When I moved to Starkville I hadn't been to church regularly in 20 years. The love and understanding I received from Pastor John and the church brought me back to Jesus.

Life church was right there with me when I first started my walk with The Lord. I learned and grew as a believer through scriptures, small group (Chi Alpha), services, more importantly love and fellowship! Pastor John and Mrs. Laura were (still are) one of the best counselors God can send to help me through life. I've also met some of the strongest Christians through Life Church, and I know they are reaching the world with God's truth then and now.
-Ho Yan “Michelle”

Life Church was a great place to grow in my early stages of my walk in Christ. Not only did Pastor John and the ministry leaders instruct me on how to live for God, they also showed Christ to me in their everyday lives. From the very first day when I was greeted with one of Mrs. Laura's legendary hugs and warm greetings from many of the members, I knew it was where God wanted me to be.

Before Life Church I was disconnected with God for about 11 years. During this time I was not a believer, and I questioned everything because I did not want to trust in something that I could not see. About 2 1/2 years ago I came upon this wonderful church and its members. I let my guard down and opened the walls that I closed over a decade ago. The people always welcomed me with open arms, and never treated my daughter or myself like we were outsiders. Ever since I joined Life Church my life has slowly begun to improve and I have bettered myself too. I have became a better person and much stronger due to the fact that my faith is being restored. If it was not for this church I would have been left in the dark and would have never been able to renew my relationship with God and Jesus.

I was at a very low point in my life due to many things happening and instead of turning to God, I actually turned away from Him. I gave up on everything and became a cold, bitter person like never before. I was in a very dark place and didn't even recognize myself. I had moved to Starkville and I had not been in church since I lived there. God started putting a heavy burden on my heart to pull me back in to Him. I started praying hard that God give me a church so I could get back into fellowship.

While doing homework one night, God told me to search for churches online. Life Church came up on the search first. I instantly got excited. Something told me that this was the church where God wanted me. I emailed them and spoke with Laura soon after. I couldn't even contain myself from excitement when I drove up at their house for the first meeting with them, I wanted to cry, scream, laugh, and become a part of Life Church right then. I couldn't thank God enough for sending them to Starkville because I knew with everything in me that He was sending me back home where He wanted me.

With all of my heart, I can't thank God enough for bringing John, Laura, Evie, and Hannah Daniels to Starkville to begin Life Church. God brought them there for many reasons and I know that I was one of them.

“God has impacted me through Life Church by allowing me to have a place to come and worship away from my home. The people are so loving and caring and they show so much gratitude. I feel so accepted when I walk through the doors at Life Church.

Life Church has been a major blessing for our family! It allowed us to step into a more diverse ethnic environment. And joining the church made our family happier in Christ!

The truth and principles of the Bible are preached and taught with passion, conviction and clarity. We are taught and encouraged to apply these principles in our daily lives. The spirit of love, compassion and welcoming of all people to our fellowship warms my heart. The willingness of our members to serve and offer their gifts and talents to God and our church inspires me. The friendships I am making through life groups, and serving each other and the community mean so much! To sum it up, at Life Church we are taught, encouraged and seek opportunities to "Love The Lord your God with all your heart…and love your neighbor as yourself." (Lk. 10:27) What greater impact could there be on a life?

Life Church has been a blessing and has welcomed us to Starkville when we were brand new to the area. It has been so encouraging to be a part of a congregation that fellowshipstogetheracross cultural and ethnic lines! God is healing what the Enemy has come to destroy by means of Life Church.
-Dave & Kendra

After months and months of church-hopping, I finally found a home at Life Church. Here, at long last, is a church that embodies what I believe God wants-- church is not a place, it's us-- it's God's people: loving, supporting, serving others. There is no need to put on airs or pretend you're anything other than who you are. How liberating!

After my divorce, I wouldn’t say I was mad at God, I was just lost. I couldn’t understand how I got to this place. I stayed in constant prayer about what I was to do. Then came Life Church and a church family that just accepted me as I was. They didn’t ask questions. They just took me in as part of their family.

When I came to Life Church I was lost and confused. I was going through the motions and just trying to survive from day today. This day, I’m glad to say I have the peace of God in my heart. I know God had to let me go through my Season of pain and I can say he brought me through the fire and out the other side. I want to thank Life Church for being there for me as I went through that fire.

 Changed lives!  God is at work and has great plans for our next 5 years!


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