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The Table

I went to a large high school, Auburn High, with about 1,200 students.  There was a table in the cafeteria that was occupied by a group of people who wanted see God’s love expressed through them.  To express this kind of love didn’t earn us points with the popular crowd school, because we would hang out sometimes with the ones no one else would.  Now Ace, the popular football player who drove a Porsche to school, might not have known our names, but the socially backward guy who could name his friends on one hand, knew our names. We were among the ones he counted friends. Now the head cheerleader might not have known our names, but the girl who most laughed at because her clothes were out of fashion and she struggled with acne, she knew our names. We greeted her with a smile, not a laugh.
There was a table at school where truly all people were welcomed. You didn’t have to have the latest fashions, a great complexion, or be in with a certain crowd to be a part.  It was a table where you weren’t looked up and down to see what you were wearing, what your hair or body looked like, or to see you might “fit in.”  It was a table where you were greeted with a smile.
Others called our table the table for Jesus Freaks and misfits, but for us it was a table where the love of God could be found. God’s love should make a difference!
How is your house? Is it a house of love? How is your desk or cubical at work? Is it a place where the unlovely see love?  Let His love make a difference through you today!

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